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  International Journal of Advanced Information and Communication Technology is an international online open access journal in English published


  monthly. The aim of IJAICT is to publish original research work and review work in rapidly developing field of engineering science and advanced


  technology. This journal is an online journal having full access to the research and review paper. The journal aims to cover the latest outstanding


  developments in the field of engineering science and technology.



Benefits of IJAICT


  • Paper publishing process is relatively fast and easy

  • IJAICT provides e-Certificate to each author

  • IJAICT is indexed in Google Scholar, Index Copernicus, CiteseerX, getCITED and many more .

  • IJAICT have reviewers from IITs, NITs and other India's & world's most prestigious universities

  • IJAICT is Open access journal for high indexing and promotion of your published papers





  • Communication and Information Theory.

  • AdHoc, Mesh, Sensor Network, Mobile and Wireless Networks, Cognitive Radio Networks.

  • Coding Theory and Applications, Network Coding, Network and Communications Security.

  • Speech, Image, and Video, Multimedia Communications, Computer Vision and Sensors.

  • Optical Communications, Fibre Optics and Sensors, and Laser Applications.

  • Telecommunication Error Detection and Correction, Multiplexing and Carrier Techniques.

  • Antenna, Electromagnetic Propagation, RF and Channel Characterization.

  • MIMO, Multiple Access Techniques, Multirate and Multicarrier Communications, and Diversity Techniques.

  • Optimization Algorithms, Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, and Adaptive System.

  • Numerical Techniques, Modeling and Simulation.


  IJAICT is a free-access policy delivering papers to all readers to view, download, copy and distribute articles free of charge. Therefore, IJAICT


  offers authors a unique means of worldwide visibility and reinforces international promotion.  Being cited in all parts of the world as a published


  author brings references and boosts reputation and appreciation among colleagues and peers.